Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
Today I am linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for "It's Ok" Thursday!
It is almost Christmas finally, so Merry Early Christmas all you bloggers out there! So many things to get done before tonight!
Now on to "It's Ok"
It's Ok:
That Christmas is two days away.
That I have not finished all my Christmas shopping.
That I have not finished wrapping all my presents.
That I have made to much holiday candy.
That I am completely freaking out about moving next week.
That I spend way to much time on pintrest.
That I have found a complete love with blogging.
That I secretly want to move to California and be an eye doctor and just be happy because I can!

What is okay for you today?

Merry Christmas Ya'll!


  1. It's ok that the only thing on my mind is christmas, and it maybe taking away from my working!

  2. Oh girl it is ok! Christmas is the only thing on my mind also (:

  3. I have not finished all of my Christmas shopping yet so I agree that it is okay! I am originally from California and it is gorgeous but I am definitely a lover of living in the south so I do not think I would ever move back! It is definitely a great place to spend some years living in though! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I spend WAY too much time on Pinterest too! It's so hard not to!