Friday, December 2, 2011

Ideal Holiday & New Year's Eve outfits

Whew it is finally Friday! Since my teacher cancelled my only class today I have been catching up on blog reading! Needless to say I have done pretty much nothing (: But, that’s okay! This post I have a feeling is going to be super long (: But, that’s okay too! So here we go…
Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
I am back for Day 5 of Neely’s Fabulous Holiday blog challenge! Today’s topic is ideal holiday & NYE outfits! Now I am a lover of and most of the outfits I fall in love with come from there!

This would be something I would wear Christmas day to open presents and just be with family!
Now I am a sucker for sparkles and I just love this dress for a New Year’s party!
What is your ideal holiday & New Year Eve outfit?

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go take a peek at this other great giveaway at Everyday AEM:

Whew well that was not to bad!

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