Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HELP! I need some advice.

Okay, this post is short and sweet seeing as I have a huge amount of work to do before my midterms tomorrow! But, this post is me wanting some advice about this crappy few days I have been having. So here is the background to the story…..
I live with my bestfriend (well I don’t know about bestfriend anymore) and we thought this adventure to college and living together would be so much fun! WRONG! So starting last Wednesday I have been getting the silent treatment out of the blue. I have confronted her a couple of time to see why she is so upset with me and received no answer. I even resorted to facebook to get the full details as to why she is so angry with me. At first I was all tore up about it, now I am just annoyed with it. So my question is what should I do? Find some where else to live and move out? Brush it off and she will come around? HELP!

Any advice would be much appreciated!
(please excuse all the grammatical errors, I was in a hurry)


  1. Hmmm I would try to give it some time. I feel like you've done all that you can do personally, so you just need to wait for her to come around and talk to you. Sometimes with girls we don't say anything or confront each other over the little things until it turns into one big thing and we can't even pinpoint what we're exactly mad about. She'll probably brush it off eventually, but I would still suggest moving out and finding a new roommate afterwards to keep your friendship . A lot of times people suggest that people not live with their best friends when they go to college, because being friends and roommates are completely different. I'm really good friends with my roommate now, but I wouldn't consider us best friends we just live really well together. (wow sorry this is a long post haha). I hope this helps! Good Luck!


  2. I agree with Emily, I would definitely give it some time. I've been in an extremely similar situation as you. I felt like I was getting dirty looks whenever I walked in to the apartment, and didn't even feel welcome in my own home! I had NO idea what I did to deserve it, but I just ignored it for a while because I hate confrontation. Out of the blue one day she seemed to be over whatever it was that was bothering her, and things seemed to become more normal. I still don't know whether it was me she was upset with, or if something else was bothering her, but eventually it passed! Hopefully things will get better super soon! :)

    By the way, just stumbled on to your blog, and I LOVE it :):) newest follower!