Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh How Pintresting!

It is Wednesday, which means only one more school day until it is Friday….THANK GOODNESS!!!! Only reason I say that is because this has been the crappiest day I have had in a while, no lie. It’s like when you need your friends the most they seem to vanish. So my task for the next few days is to find friends who are better quality. Anyone in Boone wanna be my friend (: (okay, vent session over) But, its Wednesday and it is time to link up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pintresting Wednesday! Now I have been counting down the days until spring break (even though I am doing a whole lotta nothing) and the days until it gets warmer outside! So I have decided to make the theme of today’s Oh How Pintresting post SPRING!

Oh How Pintresting: Spring!


here we go...

One day a little magic fairy is going to come into my closet and poof all these clothes in there, and organize them all for free. (I’ll let ya know when it happens)
What is pintresting to ya'll?


  1. I WISH she would also come to my closet. If she happens to show up, she may be lost and looking for directions here so please send her this way! Sorry your week has been not so great, but maybe the weekend will help and get you back on track! I am so ready for spring and these clothes just make me wish it was here all ready!!

  2. I love all the different colored shorts! They make me so happy! spring come faster!

  3. Love all these looks! I hope your day ended up getting better!! Spring break will be here soon enough :)

  4. hello! I just stumbled upon your blog- it's great! I love those yellow shorts and the seersucker button down. Please make sure to check mine out as well:

    >I follow back!!

    Have a great weekend!