Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Survived!

First day of big college check! So glad that is over with and I did it without over sleeping, missing the bus, getting lost, being late, or going to the wrong building/class. Needless to say I am more than happy with myself. And all that stressing this morning while getting ready was not needed. Second round of the first day for new classes (did that even make sense?) is tomorrow and thank goodness I am actually looking forward to it (weird). Then when I got home from school right after lunch my boots had arrived…YAY! I have worn them around all afternoon and LOVE them! Besides a successful first day and my new boots getting here that’s about all the excitement I have had.

What did ya’ll do today?


  1. congrats on a great first day! it'll fly by! i tagged you in a post today!


  2. glad your first day went well! I started last week and still can't get myself back into the routine! Hopefully all goes well again tomorrow! (and I knew what you meant by your second first day of classes etc etc) :)

  3. you are mentioned on my blog today, make sure you check it out! xo

  4. I got new rainboots recently too! But there's been no rain so I haven't worn them yet..